Acrylic Coating

4Acrylic Coatings are an economical alternative to extend the life of an existing roof. Advances in polymer chemistry have resulted in elastomeric coatings that provide lasting restoration, retrofit, or repair. This “Liquid Applied Membrane” completely bonds to the surface as it dries; yet remains “Elastomeric”. It stretches as the substrate moves and then returns to its original shape without deformation.  Acrylic Coatings are lightweight, versatile and easy to repair.

Acrylic Coating will withstand damp heat and ultra violet rays of humid environment and comes as a water-based non-toxic roof coating.  Acrylic coating are generally formulated for application over Spray Polyurethane Foam.

  • Advantages:

    • Withstands intense heat and ultraviolet rays in humid climates.
    • Is used as a protective coating over Spray Polyurethane Foam.
    • Seamless, fully-adhered elastomeric membrane.
    • Is ideal for low slope roofs with positive drainage.
    • Water Resistant, can be used as Waterproofing membrane.
    • Excellent dirt pick-up resistance.
    • Low temperature flexibility down to -15°F.
    • Low maintenance / renewable.