6Glo-Protek Rust Converter (GPRC) Primer/Base Coat is a safe, water-based, single-pack, two-coat, co-polymer based anti-corrosive coating that neutralizes rust reactively and forms a tough yet elastic encapsulating protective film.

Unlike other corrosion protection systems, Glo-Protek Rust Converter (GPRC) Primer/Base Coat deals with rust directly and does not require blast cleaning steps like sandblasting. Based on a unique rust conversion, GPRC acts by reactively converting adherent rust into a stable metal complex compound, thereby ending the process of rusting of metal.

  • • GPRC does not require extensive and elaborate surface cleaning like sandblasting.
  • • Only removing the loose flaky rust is enough. GPRC converts any leftover adherent rust into a stable metal complex compound.
  • • GPRC is a simple on-site application, so there is no need to send the material to a coating plant. Thus, there is no pre-ordering, no waiting period, and no extra transportation or labour cost.
  • • Coated material is ready to use in 24 hours. GPRC is quick and easy to use. No special equipment or training is needed. Application is by brush, dipping or spray.
  • • The remarkable elastomeric properties of GPRC allow coated substrates to be bent into shapes without any warping, cracking or peeling whatsoever – a distinct advantage of GPRC.
  • • GPRC is an insulating polymer; hence it effectively protects underground/subsoil structures like pipelines from corrosion due to earth current.
  • • Dual protection of rust conversion plus encapsulation protects and provides greater life at no extra cost over conventional alternatives.
  • • Saves labour cost by more than 50% and gives greater coverage area.
  • • Based on an enhanced co-polymer, GPRC offers the highest pull-out strength, which is amazingly 2.5 to 3 times that offered by competing solutions.
  • • GPRC is pH-neutral and is safe for the structure. GPRC is aqua-based, thus solvent-free. Since it is essentially VOC-free, there are no vapours like in a solvent-based coat, so GPRC is safe for humans and also convenient to use in congested or inadequately ventilated spaces. The solvent-free nature also makes GPRC environment-friendly.
  • • GPRC contains no harmful substances. GPRC is also lead-free (Pb-free).