The quality of the air we breathe both indoors and out has a great impact on lung health. Fragile lung tissue is easily damaged by pollutants in the air, resulting in increased risk of asthma and allergies, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. To maintain health and quality of air that is circulated within the premises, it is essential that the ducts are cleaned properly at regular intervals.

We, HITECH PROJECTS W.L.L. are proud to introduce the most professional, reliable, and unique technology to Qatar – ‘The Robotic H V A C Duct Cleaning System‘ – to inspect and clean HVAC Ducts with HD Video Recorder and Robotic Whip Agitation System.

7 (1)Robotic HVAC Duct Cleaning is usually much more efficient and faster than the older method of cleaning, it is often faster to use a robot and the entire duct system is often completed in just few days. The use of Robotic Duct Cleaning Devices allows us to visually inspect the ducts before, during, and after the duct cleaning process. Cleaning process is carried out by placing ‘MicroInspector’ (the robotic devise) inside the air duct from one end and blowing high pressure compressed air through lose end tentacles in the duct and helping the filter attached at the other end to collect the debris.

Using a remotely controlled robot send through access doors which inspects and record videos of the ducting to provide visual proof of the state of the ducted system prior to any cleaning. This ensures that the ducted system actually requires cleaning or not.  From the pre-cleaning inspection video, the current air duct conditions will be studied and will implement a customized ‘Duct Cleaning Method’. A comprehensive report will be submitted after the Inspection and Testing regarding the state of the ducting system prior to undertaking the cleaning job.

8 (2)MicroInspector®, the powerful Robotic Equipment is used to inspect and to clean the duct system at the same time. The cleaning process can be viewed on the colour monitor and the entire job is also video recorded. Ducting is also cleaned using compressor propelled equipment which cleanses the duct walls with high powered air streams. Motorized brushes are attached (round brushes and whip type) to the MicroInspector® robotic duct cleaning Devise. The video camera mounted with bright light allows the operator to view the whole cleaning process, and will make sure every nook and corner of the ducts are cleaned.  Manual cleaning, semi mechanical cleaning and vacuum cleaning system will used where Robotic Devise can’t be accessed to make sure the HVAC Duct is completely free of dust and debris.

A final video graphic inspection will be carried out to show that the Duct is totally clean inside.