Polyurethane Injection Systems (PU Injection) are designed for concrete crack and joint waterproofing applications as commonly found in most concrete and masonry structures such as parking garages, basements, elevator shafts, pools and planters, and many more. For crack and joint applications, the low viscosity resins are injected into the actively leaking cracks or joints, contact moisture, and expand into a closed-cell, flexible, fully-penetrated polyurethane seal.

5Polyurethane Injection grout is one component, solvent free and is ideally suitable for crack Injection where water leaks in concrete and masonry structures. Reaction with water yields a Rigid Polyurethane Foam (slightly flexible) and can be injected with a one-component pump.

Once injected, the reaction with water yields a ‘Polyurethane Hard Foam’ (slightly flexible). The formation of CO² makes the foam penetrate very well into the cracks. The end product neither shrinks nor swells and good compression strength is obtained in a very short time.