Rust Converter


Rusting of iron has been an age-old problem. Iron loses strength due to rusting. Iron can combine with oxygen and moisture to form a variety of oxides depending upon the conditions of exposure. The initially formed ferric hydroxide Fe(OH)3 undergoes various changes during the process of corrosion and forms magnetite Fe304 or ferrosso ferric oxide, a stable compound, which does not readily change on further exposure. This is called RUST. However, this temporary stability is gone when the loose rust begins to flake away, exposing the inner surface to further process of rusting and so on.

Glo-Protek Rebar Protective Coat-Tx, (GP-RPC-Tx)is a truly revolutionary rebar protective coating system. GP-PRC-TX protects new construction right from “Day 1″ in a unique and robust way. Billions of dollars are spent each year to rebuild concrete structure damaged by corrosion. We see this damage everywhere around us – in homes, office buildings, infrastructure projects, and indeed in any steel-reinforced concrete construction.

GP-RPC-Tx is a hi-tech modified Oleo-Resinous based coating system that with its revolutionary non toxic Zinc Dihydrate, converts adherent rust into a hard complex that attains a passive state without losing the strength of metal. GP-RPC-Tx offers a tough coating resistant to corrosion, abrasion, fresh water etc.